Anyone who delegates, must monitor

It is not sufficient to simply delegate operator obligations. One of the key tasks of the delegating party is to monitor whether the delegated operator obligations are actually being implemented. The monitoring of the obligation of delegated tasks is a key management task. These obligations are laid down by law.

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Monitoring obligation – Step 1: Determine the operator obligations within your area of responsibility that you are required to monitor.

Identify all operator obligations within your area of responsibility that you are required to monitor. With regard to monitoring it is helpful if you have determined who is responsible for implementing the operator obligations for each system.

Monitoring obligation – Step 2: Determine the interval at which operator obligations must be monitored.

For example the German judicature stipulates that the annual monitoring of operator obligations is not sufficient. The judicature states that a six-monthly check is sufficient where appropriate. The situation is similar to that under the German Ordinance on Industrial Health and Safety: there the interval depends on the risk presented by the system to be checked. Based on contrastable perspectives, the interval that managers and authorised representatives select as their monitoring interval must be determined, as this is not fixed by law.

Monitoring obligation – Step 3: Document the result of inspections and put in place and document the required resulting measures.

In order to be able to prove the monitoring of operator obligations, it is important that they are documented. In addition to documenting the date of the inspection and the inspected operator obligation, it is important to document the result of the inspection – including, in particular, any resulting measures if the inspection revealed deviations. In the event of deviations it must be documented who must implement which measures and until when in order to rectify the deviation. The performance of these measures must be checked by the date of the next inspection at the latest.

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