So you don’t want a long software adjustment period?

The gutwin software stands apart on account of its simple, consistent operation, with a fresh modern design. During operation care has been taken to ensure that the basic procedures, so as, for example, to be able to work with specific types of data, must only be learned once, and this knowledge can then be consistently used with all other data types.

Standardised symbols and colour grading are used to enable legibility and the comprehension of content by all employees.

Would you like to ensure that data transfer is secure and that data integrity is guaranteed?

All communication between clients and the server can be fully encrypted if desired. It is thus ensured that data is not compromised by third parties during transfer.
Through the use of a professional development platform and a professional SQL database system it is ensured that data is not saved in an incomplete or damaged state.

So you don’t want to continually manage the same data at different locations in order to use it on a regular basis?

Due to the modular construction of gutwin, data need only ever be managed once and can then be called up at any number of locations (including in other modules). This results in immediate synergies and savings as soon as the same data is again required in another module.

Do you require evaluations (reports)? – No problem!

There are extensive evaluation options available in all modules. These evaluations can either be viewed “only” on-screen or can be printed. Statistical analyses and KPI-evaluations can also be generated by the touch of a button. If various reports are required on a regular basis, any desired standard report templates can be stored and quickly and easily selected in order to generate the desired report.

Would you like to import data into gutwin or export it out of gutwin?

The data belongs to you! gutwin offers a variety of import and export interfaces, with which you can easily perform an import into or an export out of Microsoft Excel files, for example. If the available interfaces are not sufficient, your IT department can also directly access the SQL database and enable your desired export.

Do you require an interface, e.g. to SAP, maintenance systems or other programs?

The gutwin Software offers various synchronisation and data interfaces to other software systems as standard.
Should you require a connection to a specific software program so that a data exchange can take place between gutwin and your software, we would be glad to make this happen.

Would you liked to be logged into gutwin automatically once you have already logged in once on your PC?

As an option, Microsoft Active Directory Integration is available, with which the user logged into the gutwin software can be automatically synchronised with the users in the Active Directory (Windows network). This means that the individual users do not have to be manually entered into the gutwin software and managed, which considerably reduces administrative expense.
Furthermore, a so-called Single-Sign-On can thus be enabled, so that a user is only required to log into the Windows network once (e.g. when starting up the PC) and is thereafter directly and automatically logged into the gutwin software.

Employees retire, organisations undergo change, are relocated or merged – no problem, in gutwin this is easily tracked.

If employees leave a company, the organisational structure changes or departments/sites are changed by the corporate management, these changes can be tracked in the gutwin software with minimal effort. Thus, for example, the duties of a departing employee can be transferred to a new employee at the touch of a button (however, in the case of past examinations, for example, the original employee of course remains within the system so that the history can be traced!). The entire department/site structure can be altered in any way, without data or connections being lost.

Each employee should be able to see the information relating to him at a glance

gutwin offers various overviews. From the simple “What have I got to do?” overview, which provides a clear, uncluttered task list, personalised to the employee, to the comprehensive “Management” overview, in which not only can the legal obligations for every department/site be displayed, but so too can all other data such as work equipment, hazardous substances, operating manuals, documents, continual improvement processes, training courses, accidents etc. be displayed upon request, tailored to the specific employee. All data can be limited using the search and filter criteria, so that the information can be served up to the employee on a silver platter.

So you don’t want to look at the software everyday, but do want to be kept up-to-date?

The gutwin software reminds you by email when one-off or repeated tasks must be carried out. Here you can specify yourself whether you wish to receive these notifications and, if you do, how many days in advance you would like to receive them etc.

At the simple “touch of a button” managers can view which legal provisions and operator obligations must and must not be adhered to within their department. This allows you to better guarantee the correction of instances of non-conformity and thus reduce your liability.

Do you have employees with different native languages, or premises in other countries?

The software is currently available in German (Austria/Germany), English, Italian and Bulgarian, whereby the interface and notification language can be specified for each user.
If desired, the gutwin software can be provided in other languages.

Is your business growing? gutwin grows with you!

Regardless of whether you have one site or multiple premises, when a company grows the data becomes more extensive. On account of its multi-client capability (i.e. several completely separate data ranges on one server – as if you had multiple servers) and the optimised data storage, the gutwin software can grow with you (scaling), without you having to invest in new hardware and software.
Through the extensive authorisation system, it is also possible, for example, to manage the data from all locations within a single client, while employees nonetheless still only see what they are meant to see. Here the software can be aligned entirely with your wishes.

Do you need to be able to track sensitive data changes in case of emergency?

The software logs sensitive data changes. Thus, changes with legal effects can be tracked.

Do you want to store all documents and files centrally, where they are relevant?

The gutwin software’s integrated Document Management System for the central storage e.g. of test reports, plans, QM documents etc. puts an end to complex folders full of files on network drives. The files are stored where they are of relevance. This also guarantees improved file location in the event of audits, checks etc. Furthermore, authorised access to these files is therefore also guaranteed.

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