Create your ISO 9001 index of legal provisions with Gutwinski Management!

Determine together with our legal experts which laws and regulations are of relevance to your company and need to comply with ISO 9001. Comply with the requirements of section 7.2.1. c) of ISO 9001:2008 and section 8.2.2. of the new ISO DIS 9001:2014.

The ISO 9001 index of legal provisions contains the following areas of law:
We will provide you with an index of legal provisions that meets the requirements of ISO 9001 regarding relevant product-specific laws and regulations in Germany, as well as EU regulations and manufacturer guidelines that your company needs to comply with related to manufacturing and/or placing of products on the German market.
Key areas are laws and regulations concerning safety requirements of products and liabilities of the ‘introducer’ in Germany and therefore product-specific provisions for the conformity assessment and the conformity declaration (CE marking).

Expressly not included in the ISO 9001 index of legal provisions are:

  • Transportation law and the law regarding the carriage of goods
  • Provisions regarding the production of motor vehicles, especially the UN/ECE uniform conditions for motor vehicles and motor vehicle equipment and parts
  • Provisions regarding the protected designations of origin and protected geographical indications
  • Marketing standards
  • Agriculture and fisheries
  • Service-related provisions