With gutwin you can manage legal obligations pursuant to environmental and occupational safety-related legislation for 170 countries around the world

Gutwinski Management can immediately provide companies with premises in other countries or continents with the operator obligations relating to environmental protection and occupational safety in these countries within the gutwin software, in cooperation with Belgian-American partners.

Operator obligations can be systematically delegated to the responsible persons at sites worldwide, in the same software. The persons responsible for implementation are reminded to perform the operator obligation in due time via email.

The web-based gutwin software enables management staff at headquarters to access an immediate, simple and worldwide overview as to which operator obligations have been adhered to, are overdue or have not been adhered to, at any time. Using the escalation function, managers in headquarters can be informed upon request of instances of failure to adhere to very important operator obligations.

In this way the company can simply and globally prove the legal compliance of all of the company’s premises, and reduce the manager’s global liability for the operating systems.

It is finally possible to manage worldwide operator obligations in one software program and to receive an immediate overview of the status of the legal compliance of global sites.

Legal Obligations in 2 languages

The legal obligations and the descriptions to laws and regulations for specific countries are always provided in local language and English. So local people and responsible persons from Headquarters are able to work with the software.

Software language

The software interface is available in the standard languages English and German. Other languages can be available or can be provided on an individual basis.

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