Dr. Thomas Gutwinski has been dealing with issues relating to environmental and occupational safety-related law for 40 years, both as a lawyer when working as an assistant at the Institute for State and Administrative Law at the University of Vienna, and as a research assistant at the Constitutional Court. Dr. Gutwinski was then employed within the Cabinet of the Minister for the Environment and the Finance Minister, where he dealt with issues relating to environmental and occupational safety-related law, among others. Dr. Gutwinski, then as the managing director of the environmental fund, developed a federal funding organisation, which granted an interest subsidy to companies making environmental investments. From 1987 on, Dr. Gutwinski developed B.A.U.M. Austria, the task force for environmentally responsible management, as a sister organisation to B.A.U.M. e.V. (http://www.baumev.de/) in cooperation with Dr. Georg Winter and Prof. Maximialian Gege.


Dr. Thomas Gutwinski and Marianne Gutwinski (M.A.) establish the Gutwinski Management company


from 1991

Seminars, training courses, Symposiums on the topics of the environment, energy, occupational safety, quality, and transport in Austria

Training as a waste management officer
Training as an environmental officer
Training as an OHSAS 18001 officer
Training as a hazardous materials officer
Training as a load securing officer in accordance with VDI 2700a
Training as a safety officer
Training as an energy officer
Training as a fire protection officer
Training as a poisons officer
Training as an eco-auditor
Training as an environmental/occupational safety compliance manager
Training as a quality manager
Training as an ISO 19011 auditor
Training as a sustainability officer


Symposiums in Austria:

Waste management day
Occupational safety forum
Transport safety days – hazardous goods – load securing
International Municipal Waste Management Congress – 7 years

from 1992

Consultation on the development of more than 350 quality, environmental, energy and occupational safety management systems

in accordance with ISO 14001, EMAS-VO, OHSAS 18001, SCC, EFB, ISO 50001, ISO 9001 etc. in the most varied of companies from the fields of industry, trade and the public sector

from 1993

Development of the gutwin software for legal management

Drafting of the Austrian environmental preservation and occupational safety operator obligations

from 2002

gutwin software – web-based – Manage operator obligations

from 2006

Entry into the German market with the gutwin software

Drafting of the German environmental preservation and occupational safety operator obligations

from 2008

gutwin occupational safety modules

gutwin risk assessment modules
gutwin machine and work equipment management module
gutwin hazardous substances management module
gutwin accident management module
gutwin training and briefing module

from 2014

gutwin worldwide: gutwin now features environmental and occupational safety operator obligations for 170 countries worldwide

In 2014 the company entered into cooperation with its Belgian-American partner, whereupon Gutwinski Management now prepares legal obligations from 170 countries, meaning that gutwin software can be used to manage legal obligations in these countries.


Gutwinski Management GmbH