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  • gutwin – the software of practitioners
    Work with gutwin in practice, and you will notice the 20 years of experience that experts from the field of environmental protection and occupational safety have applied in the development of the gutwin software.
  • gutwin – a legal management system that simply works in practice
    gutwin is a legal management system that works when put to practical application – and it’s easy to use. See for yourself by speaking with users. We would be happy to put you in touch.
  • gutwin – law and software from a single source – both at the same high level
    We are legal and software experts in equal measure – this sets us apart. As a user, you will benefit from this hugely…
  • gutwin – the intelligent EHS management software
    For example, gutwin can generate an operating manual on the basis of a risk assessment, with just a click. With gutwin you only enter your data once – and can then use it in various different places. At gutwin we have put ideas for environmental protection and occupational safety into practice that will surprise you.
  • gutwin – we continually develop the software with commitment and passion
    We consider it a genuine matter of concern that we continuously develop the software, in dialogue with users and applying our consulting experiences.

What gutwin brings to your company


gutwin relieves you of legal responsibility and liability

Always up-to-date

No worries – your legal content is always up-to-date and complete

User-friendly software

A consistent operating concept facilitates your use of the software

Software and content from a single source

We supply the software with up-to-date content, prepared in an understandable manner

Saves time

Thanks to its clearly laid out display, gutwin facilitates your work

An important step towards certification

gutwin supports you on the path towards the certification of your company

gutwin legal management
Why choose the complicated option – when it’s simpler with gutwin?

  • gutwin already contains the prepared operator obligations – spare yourself the laborious task of processing them.
    Why take on the laborious task of preparing legal texts when gutwin can provide you with operator obligations in the form of pre-prepared duties of action?
  • gutwin duties of action explain what must be done in one simple sentence.
    gutwin sets itself apart in that the duties of action resulting from complicated legal provisions are summarised in one sentence, which non-lawyers can understand.
  • And in the event of regulatory amendments, gutwin provides the duties of action to be implemented
    Why laboriously search for and study regulatory amendments when gutwin systematically informs you of regulatory amendments and supplies you with the duties of action that you must perform in order to implement the regulatory changes, already formulated in an understandable manner?
  • Reduce your personal liability the easy way with gutwin
    With gutwin, managing directors, managers and authorised representatives can simply and systematically manage their inspection obligations, document the result and reduce their personal liability
  • With gutwin you can manage legal obligations regarding environmental protection and occupational safety for 170 countries around the world
    Together with our Belgian-American partner organisation, gutwin provides you with legal obligations relating to environmental protection and occupational safety from 170 countries worldwide. You can systematically manage these with the gutwin Legal Compliance Software and access a web-based overview of their implementation from anywhere in the world!

Further advantages of gutwin

With gutwin - an immediate overview for the implementation of operator obligations

As a managing director/board member and boss, with gutwin you have an immediate overview of the legal compliance status within your entire company or in your chosen department, with just one click – sorted according to the traffic light principle.


With gutwin – all important system/process information at a glance

gutwin provides you with a clear overview of not only the operator obligations relating to your systems/processes, but also the work equipment and hazardous substances as well as all operating manuals, instructions and documents that are relevant, as well as brief information regarding accidents and much more.

gutwin - super hotline

Training in the use of the gutwin software takes more than just one day. If you still have questions, our IT experts can provide you with comprehensive and helpful support. Ask our users!


We have developed more than 200 management systems - we are colleagues

You can talk to us as colleagues. For 20 years we have been advising companies in the development of management systems in accordance with ISO 14001, EMAS, OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001 etc. while training and providing support to authorised representatives.

More than 900 locations put gutwin to successful use - we invite you to be the next such location

700 locations wouldn’t be using gutwin software if they weren’t actually benefitting from it. We invite you to be the next location. Give gutwin a closer look!

gutwin - would you like to try it? Select a module as your first "piece of the pie"

If you like it – which our experience tells us you will – you can have a little more. How about “gutwin Regulatory Amendments” or “gutwin Legal Obligations“?

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