Modul Anforderungen

The Requirements

The employee is legally obliged to keep records:

  • of all fatal accidents in the workplace
  • of all accidents in the workplace that result in the injury of an employee with an absence of more than three calendar days
  • of all events that have almost resulted in a fatal or serious accident in the workplace
  • Log book for accidents requiring first aid
    Records must be retained for at least seven years. Employers are obliged to compile and submit reports on specific accidents in the workplace upon request.
Modul Lösung

The Solution

  • Systematically record and assess your accidents and near-accidents
  • Specify measures for the future avoidance of accidents and update your workplace assessment
  • Assess accidents and near-accidents using comprehensive accident statistics.
  • Summarise the accident for information purposes and for the training of employees – including images
  • Fulfil the legally required obligation for the archiving of the documentation relating to accidents in the workplace for a period of seven years, using the gutwin database
Modul Vorteil

Your benefits

  • Show employees how long the company has been accident-free
  • Create evaluations regarding the accident frequency at certain workstations/systems and the number of days of absence per accident in the workplace
  • Compile accident documentation
  • Classify and analyse the causes of accidents and near-accidents
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