Modul Anforderungen

The requirements

If permit decisions are passed by the authorities, then the company must ensure that these are adhered to on a continual basis.

Modul Lösung

The solution

In the gutwin software you can electronically record and manage all of your permits. In order to adhere to the permit conditions:

  • they are assigned to the responsible persons and systems
  • the monitoring of the permit conditions is planned and managed,
  • the test results are documented,
  • deviations are followed up.
Modul Vorteil

Your benefits

  • All of your permits are systematically recorded and assigned to the corresponding departments.
  • You have quick access to all permit decisions, at all times.
  • Responsible persons from the individual departments can get a good overview of the decisions relevant in their department.
  • The delegation of operator responsibility to the relevant department managers is realised in a transparent and legally sound manner.
  • Managers can fulfil their monitoring obligation at any time, as they can check the status of adherence to permit decisions in gutwin with the “touch of a button”.
  • Upon identifying deviations, managers can initiate corrective measures directly within the software.
  • All evidence of adherence to the ancillary provisions of permits (e.g. test reports) is electronically recorded in the gutwin software and is readily and quickly available if required.
  • Managing directors/board members/managers minimise your liability risk by means of the legally sound delegation of operator obligations resulting from permits.
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