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Every company must determine the operator obligations that result from the relevant environment, energy and occupational safety-related legal provisions, and must delegate these to responsible persons to be implemented.

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Solution with gutwin

gutwin provides you with the important operator obligations within the gutwin software in the form of duties of action – formulated so as understandable to non-lawyers. The gutwin software enables you to easily delegate the operator obligations to responsible persons to be implemented.

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Your benefits

  • With gutwin you save yourself the hassle of laboriously identifying operator obligations in laws and ordinances and formulating them yourself. gutwin provides you with simply formulated operator obligations in the gutwin software.
  • With the gutwin question system, you can simply and systematically determine which of the provided operator obligations your company is actually required to adhere to: if you answer one of the gutwin questions with “yes”, then the associated operator obligations are relevant for your company. Answer with “no” and these operator obligations are not relevant to your company and are deactivated.
  • gutwin offers the convenient delegation of the relevant operator obligations: you select the persons responsible for adherence to the operator obligation and the systems/processes that are affected by the obligation, save them and the operator obligation is already delegated. The responsible persons will be regularly reminded to implement their duty of action via email.
  • That’s it: Why choose the complicated option when it is so simple with gutwin?
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Are you sure that all operator obligations have been documented and delegated?

Have you systematically determined which operator obligations your company must implement and adhere to on account of the relevant legal provisions? Have you delegated all of the operator obligations to responsible persons within the company for implementation, and documented this process?
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