Modul Anforderungen

The requirement

The laws require a rash of examination duties for machines and work equipment and also for their emergency and rescue facilities.
Work equipment must only be used if the required examinations have been carried out.
The employer hast to evaluate the hazards and risks of the machines and work equipment used according to the applicable laws and must derive adequate protection measures.

Modul Lösung

The solution

Record the place of installation for

  • Work equipment the has to be examined
  • Emergency and rescue facilities and
  • First Aid stations

and manage one-time and frequent examinations for them.

Perform the required risk assessment and document relevant operating information materials for die work equipment.
Generate standardized safety operating instructions derived from the risk assessment and use them also for your health and safety briefings.

Modul Vorteil

The benefits

With the gutwin machine and work equipment management module you can easily evaluate and manage work equipment in accordance with legal regulations and provide employees with a clear overview of the work equipment used for each system/process and the relevant safety operating instructions.

Reports can be created and printed from all data that is recorded – e.g.

  • A list of all work equipment that exists within the company
  • Clear data sheets with technical details regarding the work equipment
  • Operating manuals for all work equipment
  • Approval status of machines and systems
  • Overview of all emergency devices and their test status
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