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The Requirements

The employer is legally obliged to perform workplace assessments for all chemical and biological hazardous materials and to maintain an index of hazardous materials.

In the event of an accident in the workplace, e.g. with serious physical injury, the public prosecutor first checks whether a current risk assessment and a current index of hazardous materials exist. A current workplace assessment and a current index of hazardous materials are essential requirements in order to reduce the personal liability of the managing director and other management staff.

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The Solution

With gutwin hazardous materials management

  • you can easily determine and assess the potential hazards involving chemical and biological hazardous materials
  • you can define measures to minimise risk and personal protective equipment that affected employees are required to use
  • you can manage the necessary measurements of the workstation limit values and assess compliance
  • you can record the data from the safety data sheet that is relevant to you into the gutwin database and manage this data, in accordance with REACH Ordinance and CLP
  • the current index of hazardous materials can be generated from your data
  • the operating manual base on the compiled workplace assessment can be automatically created at the touch of a button using the gutwin hazardous materials management program
  • you can also manage the application and approval for new hazardous materials
  • you can assign to the company’s respective systems and processes the hazardous materials that are to be used there
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Your benefits

Systematic creation and preparation of the safety data sheet

  • The gutwin software shows which hazardous materials are used in which of the company’s systems and processes. With just a click, employees can call up the current operating manual, the safety data sheet and the workplace assessment. In the gutwin software you can easily assign the operating manual, the safety data sheet and workplace assessment to systems and processes, so that employees can view and call up both the operating manual and the safety data sheet, as well as the risk assessment for the hazardous materials used in the respective location.
  • Which hazardous materials can be stored together? The hazardous materials management module displays at a glance at each workstation which hazardous materials used there can be stored together.
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Are you sure that your management of hazardous goods is according to current best practices?

Do you have current workplace assessments for all chemical and biological hazardous goods which are used in your company? Is your hazardous materials register up-to-date?
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