Modul Anforderungen

The requirement

If new environmental, energy or occupational safety-related laws, ordinances, technical regulations and rules of the employers’ liability insurance association are passed, or existing ones changed, then the company must systematically determine the company’s duties of action that result from the new regulatory amendments, and ensure that the new regulations are implemented within the company.

Modul Lösung

Solution with gutwin

In the event of changes to environmental, energy or occupational safety-related legislation, gutwin provides you with the important duties of action that are required within your company for the implementation of these regulatory amendments, in a manner that can be easily understood by non-lawyers.

Modul Vorteil

 Your benefits

  • The gutwin regulatory amendment service saves you from having to identify regulatory amendments yourself and determining and formulating the duties of actions required in order to implement the regulatory amendment. gutwin provides you with simply formulated operator obligations regarding the implementation of regulatory amendments, already drawn up within the gutwin software.
  • The gutwin regulatory amendment service dissects every new or amended law that is relevant to your company/every ordinance within the environmental, energy and occupational safety-related legislation of the EU, the Federal Republic of Germany, the Federal State and the employers’ liability insurance association, in the form of duties of action that are easy for non-lawyers to understand. Each gutwin duty of action summarises what must be done in order to implement the respective regulatory amendment within the company, is one comprehensible sentence. We also provide an easy-to-read, detailed explanation of the new legal situation – along with a summary of the old to facilitate comprehension.
  • Our hotline for regulatory amendments also provides support if you have general questions regarding regulatory amendments.
  • The gutwin duties of action for the implementation of regulatory amendments can be simply delegated to employees within the company who are responsible for their implementation using the gutwin software: you select the persons responsible for the implementation, save them – and that’s the duty of action delegated. The responsible persons are reminded to implement their duty of action via email.
  • Summarised: the gutwin regulatory amendment service regularly informs you of significant regulatory changes. With the provided gutwin duties of action, you can systematically manage the implementation of regulatory changes within the company and thus reduce your liability.
  • Better with gutwin: for why choose the complicated option when you can simply and systematically manage regulatory amendments with the gutwin regulatory amendment service?
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Are the regulatory amendments in environmental, energy and occupational safety-related legislation systematically determined and implemented in your company?
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