Modul Anforderungen

The Requirements

The employer is legally obliged to sufficiently and appropriately train all employees regarding safety and health protection in the workplace. Trainings must take place upon recruitment and in the event of any changes, must be adjusted as risks develop and if necessary repeated.

In the event of a criminally relevant accident in the workplace, e.g. with serious physical injury, the public prosecutor will pay particular attention to the training of employees and the documentation used for this purpose. A systematic briefing tool is thus an essential requirement in order to reduce the personal liability of the managing director and other management staff…

Modul Lösung

The Solution

  • Create a list of all training courses required within the company
  • Record all documents on which an employee must be trained
  • Specify those responsible for and those delivering the trainings
  • Set deadlines for the recurring briefing of employees
  • Document completed training courses
  • Remind employees by email
Modul Vorteil

Your benefits

Systematic planning and documentation of training courses

  • Use the data from the gutwin workplace assessment and hazardous materials management for the training and receive a list at the touch of a button stating whether employees have completed the required trainings.
  • Which documents were used for the training? The training module also provides a clear view of which documents with which content has been used for already completed trainings.
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