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The Requirements

The employee is legally obliged to carry out workplace assessments, to determine the risks associated with the work and to establish the necessary occupational safety measures.

In the event of an accident in the workplace, e.g. with serious physical injury, the public prosecutor first checks whether a current workplace assessment exists. A current workplace assessment is an essential requirement in order to reduce the personal liability of the managing director and other management staff.

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The Solution

With the gutwin workplace assessment you can

  • easily determine and assess the potential hazards involved in certain jobs or occupations and with specific work equipment
  • define and document occupational safety measures.

The sample hazard entries considerably facilitate the performance of the workplace assessment. Operating manuals based on the workplace assessment can be compiled at the touch of a button.

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Your benefits

  • With the gutwin workplace assessment, you can easily create workplace assessments in accordance with statutory regulations, to the benefit of your company.
  • Simply create workplace assessments based on sample hazard entries: Sample hazard entries, which are provided to you within the gutwin software and can be adjusted to your specific conditions, considerably facilitate the performance of your workplace assessment. In the list of sample hazard entries you click on the hazards that exist in your workplace or profession – from this, the basic workplace assessment is automatically generated, which can be further refined in just a few simple steps.
  • The operating manual can be automatically created from the prepared workplace assessment: at the press of a button, the operating manuals for workstations, professions and work equipment can be automatically created based on the prepared workplace assessment.
  • Within the gutwin software not only can you display legal obligations to employees at their workstations, but also the operating manual and workplace assessment. In the gutwin software you can easily assign the operating manual and workplace assessment to specific workstations, so that employees can view and call up both the operating manual and workplace assessment, as well as the legal obligations that they must adhere to.
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