If the laws, ordinances etc. that your company must adhere to are identified in the index of legal provisions, it is not yet clear what the individual operator obligations are, which your company must adhere to due to the relevant laws, ordinances etc.

Therefore the next step after creating the index of legal provisions is to determine the individual operator obligations from a relevant law, which the company must adhere to.

Note that not all operator obligations that are contained in a relevant law, ordinance etc. are relevant to your company. For example, if your company does not collect waste products, then the operator obligations regarding the collection of waste are not relevant to your company.

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Have you systematically determined which operator obligations result from the relevant laws and ordinances in your index of legal provisions?

Operator obligations – Step 1: Find the points in legal texts that represent operator obligations for your company

Find any content in  the legal texts relevant to your company that represent operator obligations for your company. This requires that you analyse the legal texts.

Operator obligations – Step 2: From the points in the legal texts that contain operator obligations, formulate duties of actions that your employees will understand

Legal texts often use specialised legal language, meaning that such formulations can be difficult for non-lawyers to understand. Therefore you should adjust the wording so that your employees can also understand!

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